Making the group work

This advice is based on the experience of several long-standing book groups. We asked them what had worked for their groups, what problems they'd encountered and how they'd resolved them. Here are their tips for starting up a group and keeping it running smoothly.

You may want to think about:

How to choose the book

There are lots of different ways to choose the books but a popular method is for the host to choose it (or to offer a choice of several and then vote for one). The choices are usually based on:

Alternatively simply go to our review page or review archive and browse through our recommended list.

What to discuss

Taking down short notes on a postcard while reading the book helps enormously when it comes to later discussion. Points to discuss could include:

How to buy the books

Buying hardbacks can be expensive so, for reasons of economy, you may want to restrict your books to paperbacks. Availability can sometimes be a problem but you can click through from any of the books reviewed here and buy them direct from where they can usually be dispatched within 24 hours.


Borrow books from your library

Many libraries hold multiple copies of books which they lend to groups and some will order in copies on request. Ask at your local library.

Happy reading!

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