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Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction

by Alison MacLeod

As the popularity of the short story gathers pace we have another stunning collection for you this month.

Alison MacLeod’s Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction is an intelligent set of stories bound by the rules of attraction. It is cerebral but not weighty, sexy but not sleazy and, in some cases, achingly sad but hopeful.

The settings vary from remote Nova Scotia to an Ikea outlet and the characters from a nineteen year old who falls for an unconscious stranger in his hospital bed, to the email exchanges of the classical lovers Heloise and Abelard.

As with Clio Gray, our featured short story writer of last month, Alison MacLeod has a fascination with bodily fluids and functions – albeit not quite so grisly. The wonderful and bizarre story, Discharge, opens thus:
“When my wife, Angelina, is aroused, ball lightning slides from between her legs: a sphere of plasma, sometimes the size of an orange sometimes the size of a basketball.”………”We can feel the heat of it as it passes over our naked bodies, a small, swift-moving sun. It rolls through the house setting off overhead lights, my electric toothbrush, the breadmaker, the toaster, the Moulinex, the TV, the computer, before finally settling under the dining-room table like an intransigent child”.

So there’s a taste of Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction! If you want to take your group to another dimension try this short story collection. I guarantee there will be lots to discuss.

Read our interview with Alison MacLeod.


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