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The Wake

by Jeremy Page

This second novel by Jeremy Page begins with almost twenty pages of breathtaking tension. What follows is a complete reversal, the reader’s blood pressure drops and we’re taken on a journey of quiet solitude.

Guy has suffered the unimaginable. When his family is torn apart we are reminded how the life we were living can change in the blink of an eye. Unable to cope, he takes his boat and sets out on a journey into the unknown. In the evenings he writes a diary imagining how his life might have been with his wife Judy and their beautiful little daughter, Freya. Guy takes the three of them on a journey envisaging a road trip across the southern states of America, something they’d always dreamed of doing. But even in this imaginary diary he can’t find peace. Every night he cuts the engine and drifts recklessly in the fickle waters of the North Sea.

When he meets Marta and her daughter Rhona, Guy dares to live a little. Marta understands his grief – she and Rhona are also seeking consolation from their own loss.

Jeremy Page beautifully illustrates the changeable beauty of land and seascape while reminding us of the fragility of existence in this moving story of grief and the guilt of survival.

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Jannet King
Beautifully written, at times painful in its evocation of the physical and emotional impact of loss. The central conceit of the separate narrative contained in the diary is really very clever, allowing two storylines to carry on simultaneously, until they both become untenable. (Don't want to give away the ending here.) Strongly recommended.

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