True History of the Kelly Gang
Peter Carey

Booker Prize Winner 2001

For settlers in the 1870s Australia was a wild and desperate place where, like the native eucalyptus, kids grew up fast. Ned Kelly was no exception. When Ned was 12 his father died and, although he was already performing many of the adult duties around the homestead, he suddenly found himself head of the family which meant providing for his beloved mother and brood of hungry brothers and sisters. From then on life is a battle for survival in which the young Ned tries and fails to support the family by honest means ultimately finding himself one of Australia's most wanted outlaws.

Ned relates his story in the form of a journal written to his unseen infant daughter. It is a story of adventure, injustice, jealousy, betrayal and, above all, love, told in a voice so credible that it is hard to believe that the real Ned Kelly did not write it.

If you are looking for excitement, pathos, passion, humour and history all rolled into one don't reach for the latest Barbara Taylor Bradford read Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang and experience some brilliant writing into the bargain!

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