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Poetry evening

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 9:02 am    Post subject: Poetry evening Reply with quote

NEAR YOU! icon_biggrin.gif

You can have a great night out for free and raise
£50 for the National Library for the Blind.

Felix is a multimillionaire publisher and best
selling poet. He gives excellent evenings
entertainment and he shares his wine cellar with you.
Please click the link for tour dates and locations
and to register your interest or ask questions.

Only 5% of books ever get converted into a format
that visually impaired people can read such as Braille, Audio or large print.

So go along and help raise money to put more books
into Braille for visually impaired people to enjoy.


All at NLB
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 11:46 am    Post subject: Fund-raising poetry evening for NLB Reply with quote


I received an email about this. The Brighton & Hove event is set for tomorrow evening (Thursday 14th Oct) from 7pm at Komedia (by the Curve Bar).

Anyone who wants to go just needs to email:

with a short message saying they are going, so that numbers can be recorded (I think this is so they know how much to send to NLB).

Felix Dennis will send £50 to NLB for each person who goes. What a brilliant idea - let's hope his poetry is worth the effort!!

I had no idea that so few books are published in Braille or audio versions, it's appalling that blind and partially sighted people have so little choice.

I hope loads of people will support these events.

Peace is a state of mind where war is unnecessary
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 11:16 am    Post subject: Poetry Evening Reply with quote

I went with my friend Eileen to Felix Dennis' poetry evening in Brighton yesterday - it was a really good evening out! I actually didn't particularly go for the poetry because I thought that if he needed to bribe us with free wine to get his poetry aired, then it wouldn't be up to much! I went because I knew he'd give £50 to the National Library for the Blind on my behalf (and, yes ok, for the wine as well...).

The blurb on the NLB website really doesn't do justice to the kind of hospitality on offer there. It wasn't just a glass or two of plonk and a few Doritos in a bowl - we enjoyed an unlimited supply of some really good French wines (I particularly enjoyed the Nuit St Georges and the Cersault - spelling may be wrong, difficult to remember under the circs) and we were force fed a delectable array of gourmet canapes all evening. I wish I'd taken a doggy bag - the bhajis were especially delicious, you could taste the proper spices - roasted cumin seeds, etc. in them, and fresh herbs in everything. Yum yum!

The atmosphere was like a party, everyone mingling socially rather than just sticking to their own groups as usual. It was a very unusual evening, and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in the vicinity of the other dates (Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Grasmere, Liverpool, Manchester). Do go - you'll have a fab time.

The interesting thing was that not many people knew about the pledge to NLB. I thought he would splash that about in a brash 'Lord Bountiful' kind of way, but that was a low key element. This is such a good cause - everyone should go if they can.

Oh, and about the poetry - it was pretty good. The sound quality was good, and there were visual film clips as well. In fact, we enjoyed that too - though it does help when poetry is read by the poet (and more wine passed around during the performance).

I even surprised myself by buying the book! Eileen and I staggered home pissed, happy, refreshed - although slightly under par today - Thanks Felix!

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